Saturday, November 24, 2012

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

wow, it came and it is gone and now on to Christmas... Happy Thanksgiving bloggers. Did I tell you I've been cooking since Tuesday. I'm tired.................just too tired, but I am trying to read everyone's blog.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Table- New Life

                                                   I bought this table back in 2004ish.
It is sitting with the table legs backwards at the moment. It is scuffed up. It has been to Louisiana and back to Texas and still has some life left. Did I mention that I bought it at a community thrift store for 29.95. It was scuffed then too. I threw a table cloth over it and no one new any different that is was a thrift find.
 It is time to give it a perk.....................and here we go.
                  Using the same product from Rust-Oleum in furniture refinishing this is the base coat.

                I have several pieces of furniture and If I refinish them the same , then there is consistency.
                                                    And here a better close-up of the top.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I went to a barn sale today sponsored by The Girls. I was in search for some Ice Cream Parlor Chairs, ( must be reasonable priced), but did not find what I was looking for , but found other treasures. I know where I can buy new that are imported from Mexico, and I have seen plenty for sale on eBay on the east coast with no shipping offered. BUT ON TO MY OTHER FINDS!!!!

(C)Mystic Acres

(c) Mystic Acres
(C) Mystic Acres

So I came across this one vendor selling furniture made from other uses. He had this olive galvanized washing basket and it was converted to a light. Almost anything galvanized and I am on it. I am not crazy about the light. I probably will take the light off, and use it as a basket in my bathroom.

Then on down the dirt path to another vendor called M.A.D. Mason & Mor- Mason Jar Craft and Designs. Sorry, but they do not seem to have a web page on their business card but never fear there is an email: I have seen these online and even direction somewhere on how to make, but I have my hands in too many irons now.............I think this is so country-I just had to have it.

(C)Mystic Acres
(C)Mystic Acres

Once I saw this primitive plant stand similar in shape as this piece. I wanted that one back then as I wanted this one, but this was affordable-where to show off my pies at the holidays. After I re-coated it-it now sits in the room that still needs to be completed.

Now, what is that cream colored object in the pick up bed. Well, I was looking at half moon pot holders...I wanted to attached one to this lonely window where my 2  bakers racks and little table will sit. I wanted a crown for my window so to speak....But again, price was a concern. Today, my problem was solved. I found this little decorated something that attaches to the wall....perfect except it needs to look we go.

(C)Mystic Acres
Here is my windows is only up temporary for photo. It must be lowered a bit and secured to the wall.
                                                            TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!