Sunday, December 2, 2012

They did the right thing.

My son and his girlfriend adopted a dog from the Friends of Bastrop when they came home for Thanksgiving. It was a puppy about 3 months old. They were told it had some of its shots, but when they got back home to TN. they had to rush the dog to the veterinarian because the dog was sick. The dog has parvo...........Friends of Bastrop dog Shelter is bad. They need help to save Bo's life. You can read it by following the link above. If you can help please do so even just help sharing the link. Thank you.


  1. Parvo is horrible! My sisters puppy supposedly had been inoculated but ended up with Parvo. I paid $1200 to save his life. Money I didn't have. It took savings and 2 credit cards. What could I do? I couldn't let him die. It took her year but she finally paid me back. Piggy is now a happy, healthy 85 pound lap dog (haha)

    I hope Bo will be ok!

    1. Too hope Bo will be okay. My son and his girlfriend becamse so attached to him in just a short time. Bo is a sweet giant clumsy characteristics of a hound dog- dog. I am so upset at that dog shelter to have any offer for adoption dogs that are not inoculated against parvo or let puppies commingle around other dogs.

      This is going to financial break them, we are trying to raise funds. Like most of us, money is hard to come by in large amounts, but we are hoping by spreading the information any little money adds up and will help.