Monday, December 31, 2012


Wishing you all a safe night and a Happy UP Coming New Year. Be sure to party safely.

Please don't drink and drive!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh my, Coffee anyone?

Finally, I did not get the twisted wire chairs I wanted. Too expensive, but what I did find is these patio chairs at my local HEB grocery. The chairs were originally cast iron black, and of course a Texas star..   

Next came the paint, of course, I like things rusted up....a bit.
 Now to buy or make cushions. 
There is that little table find. 
The window crown is my favorite part. I discovered at a local craft and art sale for 12.

Now this is my little cafe de coffee in the kitchen!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

They did the right thing.

My son and his girlfriend adopted a dog from the Friends of Bastrop when they came home for Thanksgiving. It was a puppy about 3 months old. They were told it had some of its shots, but when they got back home to TN. they had to rush the dog to the veterinarian because the dog was sick. The dog has parvo...........Friends of Bastrop dog Shelter is bad. They need help to save Bo's life. You can read it by following the link above. If you can help please do so even just help sharing the link. Thank you.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

wow, it came and it is gone and now on to Christmas... Happy Thanksgiving bloggers. Did I tell you I've been cooking since Tuesday. I'm tired.................just too tired, but I am trying to read everyone's blog.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Table- New Life

                                                   I bought this table back in 2004ish.
It is sitting with the table legs backwards at the moment. It is scuffed up. It has been to Louisiana and back to Texas and still has some life left. Did I mention that I bought it at a community thrift store for 29.95. It was scuffed then too. I threw a table cloth over it and no one new any different that is was a thrift find.
 It is time to give it a perk.....................and here we go.
                  Using the same product from Rust-Oleum in furniture refinishing this is the base coat.

                I have several pieces of furniture and If I refinish them the same , then there is consistency.
                                                    And here a better close-up of the top.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I went to a barn sale today sponsored by The Girls. I was in search for some Ice Cream Parlor Chairs, ( must be reasonable priced), but did not find what I was looking for , but found other treasures. I know where I can buy new that are imported from Mexico, and I have seen plenty for sale on eBay on the east coast with no shipping offered. BUT ON TO MY OTHER FINDS!!!!

(C)Mystic Acres

(c) Mystic Acres
(C) Mystic Acres

So I came across this one vendor selling furniture made from other uses. He had this olive galvanized washing basket and it was converted to a light. Almost anything galvanized and I am on it. I am not crazy about the light. I probably will take the light off, and use it as a basket in my bathroom.

Then on down the dirt path to another vendor called M.A.D. Mason & Mor- Mason Jar Craft and Designs. Sorry, but they do not seem to have a web page on their business card but never fear there is an email: I have seen these online and even direction somewhere on how to make, but I have my hands in too many irons now.............I think this is so country-I just had to have it.

(C)Mystic Acres
(C)Mystic Acres

Once I saw this primitive plant stand similar in shape as this piece. I wanted that one back then as I wanted this one, but this was affordable-where to show off my pies at the holidays. After I re-coated it-it now sits in the room that still needs to be completed.

Now, what is that cream colored object in the pick up bed. Well, I was looking at half moon pot holders...I wanted to attached one to this lonely window where my 2  bakers racks and little table will sit. I wanted a crown for my window so to speak....But again, price was a concern. Today, my problem was solved. I found this little decorated something that attaches to the wall....perfect except it needs to look we go.

(C)Mystic Acres
Here is my windows is only up temporary for photo. It must be lowered a bit and secured to the wall.
                                                            TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

If I didn't have enough to do already!

Remember this a few post back?  I was looking for a small table for my kitchen and came across this one at a resale shop. It was dirty, dark brown and needing some tlc.

I picked up a Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformation Kit. I wasn't sure how this was going to look because the top has a laminated circle on it.

I decided that I would try to make it look like granite or something as close as possible. I picked up a Martha Stewart Craft Kit. It is great with all these
 different type paint tools.

The first thing I did was use the deglosser in the Rust-Oeleum kit. Then I lightly sanded the top of the table that was laminated. I had a base paint made up in exterior grade and proceeded to paint just the laminated circle. I then let that dry. I had 4 containers of Martha Stewart specialty paints and I begin to dab them separately with the sponge from the kit. I let that dry and then went on to put the bond coat on the rest of the table.

The direction are easy to follow in the kit. Once I went through all the steps, this is my outcome.
I had left over material in the kit so then I tackled two lamp tables I had picked up at a resale shop.
This is with the base coat.

And here it is finished with glaze and top coat.

 I am pleased with my outcomes and ready to tackled some more furniture. Say good bye to brand new and hello second hand. Works for me!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I found what I was looking for.

My kitchen is huge as cabinet space goes, but it lacks a lot of room for a kitchen table. It does have an island seating area. But I have been on the look out for a table that would work. There are a lot on the market for sale, but over expensive and I am frugal.

I went to a second hand store I had never been before and there it sat, all alone in the corner. It probably came out of a restaurant or pub, but it was perfect for me. I really like the pedestal. It needs some cleaning and re-paint, but it has character

I was so excited about my find then I looked at a distance and I saw something wicker. I just love wicker, so  began pulling things off, they had stuff stacked on top of each other way beyond staging. And I saw a wicker sewing box stand. Cool, I have seen those on ebay for well over a 100 dollars. They wanted 20. for it and I said I will take it.

A few days ago I was walking along the yard line and my thicket line and I saw glass sheet. I picked it up and wiped the dirt away and behold someone had thrown out a glass checkerboard. I was not going to leave the glass for me later to cut a tractor tire or worse yet, a wildlife cut and bleed to death for no purpose.

After getting home with my sewing basket stand and doing some research on glass checkerboards.  I am working on re-purpose of the stand: SHOT GLASS CHECKERS. I am painting it white as it was a pale yellow. but I could not wait to take a photo and show off my plans.
My sewing box will be my new game table in my living room along with my old rocker and a another wicker find.
This rocker is over 80 years old. It does need some repair, but I am so afraid to leave it with someone and it become lost or damage beyond repair. This rocker is so comfortable. It is better than a recliner.

Monday, October 8, 2012


 I have these mirrors-they were shiny silver. I am trying very hard to not have shiny. I am using bronze, or rusty rust wherever I can. I altered the mirrors. Now to fix those shades???

Yeah, the gas people finally got over here and hooked the stove up. Now, I am cooking for Thanks giving. My son is bringing his girlfriend. It will be our first meeting. I hope I don't burn the dinner!!!
I manage to rebuild the media center for a modern television set. I cut out the dry wall at the bottom and inserted an area to hold 2 foot stool storage pieces. When the television is attached the old open space will  not be visible and the only thing showing will be the wide boards.

Next week I start the floors.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A $20 Find!

I was looking for a case of some sort to hold the DVDs, Cd's and VHS'. I came across this little jewel at a second hand store. I thought, lightly sand it, and re-coat with stain poly and it will look fine.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Major Accomplishment

I don't like to cook on an electric stove. The house only had electric. I had the propane people add a gas line, and then I had to wait for the electrician to add a 110 outlet.  Next, have the gas people back up to hook up from the valve to the stove. Just maybe,  I can roast a turkey come the holidays.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Little Tiny Window

There is only one tiny window in the my bathroom. Not much natural light in the room, I decided to take the solid double doors down and put up one with frosted glass. I was hoping that some light would filter in from the bedroom.

 I will never do that by myself again! Whew....  still need another coat of pain, door molding and hardware. Never mind that wall color; its the camera. The color is actually more akin to baby poop yellow that I am hoping to change soon.

It is way past time to start preparation for fall garden, but I'm too tired to think about it. I still need some kind of equipment in here to dig up all the American Beauty and wild yaupon,( I think that is what it is). It is a mess of a thicket.  Deer season starts soon, and I am not prepared. Yes, I eat deer meat.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lights with a Texas Star.

I changed my lifestyle from 30 years ago. Once I loved the city--now hate going there. I love living rural. I love the wild of it all, but one thing that has not changed in me, that is my love for my state. So when Home Depot had these lights I just had to have them in my new place.

I put the one on the left   up first. This is in the sitting room right of the Mistress Room , 'cuz tha ain't  no mister. I worried some about people thinking it belongs in a dining room, but not long. It is my room- who cares................ I am enjoying it.  then I tackled the dining room, by the way, I'm still working on the floors.

Then I installed this one of the right in the dining room. This is going to look awesome with my table and the galvanized chairs I am going to rust up a bit to match the metal on the light. I can't wait 'till it all comes together......................but wait..I must not get a head of myself. There are tons of work to do.

Monday, August 27, 2012


It took me 3 weeks to rip the carpet up from 5 rooms. I'm slow, yes but it is done and ready for some new flooring.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Too Tired, but getting it done.

I sold the farm and had so many days to vacate. That was ridiculous, and while I recover from that, I closed on a little 10 ac plot. I have been so busy everyday trying to make the place my own, so I could move some furniture in. I'm sleeping on a very uncomfortable air mattress but the carpet had to be pulled and now waiting on new flooring. I am exhausted, but having so much fun. I have not even begun to think about the outside. I have taken photos in the phone and hope to get some posted on the carpet rip out job...........You would not believe the piles of dirt collected under carpets.  Nasty.

I hope to do more post sooner then later.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too late to day.

I really hate my internet air card. 45 more or less days and it goes away and I go WiFi until I close on a new place.  I can’t get half of the blogs I follow to up to read. It is going to take a bit more patience on me, and it is going to be a hot summer.. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How did that get in the house?!?!

I have been starving a bronchitis infection for 4 days, and not sleeping well to rise this morning very early and discovered this in the kitchen...............What???? It was 6" long. It was huge. I have seen lots of these insects, but never one  this large.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Out!

I have been put in time out…………that is right, time out. I have over used my data limit and cannot do much of anything online with my back up system. But on the other hand, I sold the farm and now looking for my little 10 ac. Plot, and in the mean time---been off for a week and have 4 more days of punishment.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coop @ de Acres

 Okay, call it silly, but the chicks are getting to be really comfortable around me. When I  get the wagon to take my Sadie (dog) on a ride, they  hop on too. It is comical. When the chicks feel comfortable to sit next to Sadie, then I know we are best friends too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

So serene and peaceful;yet yummy!

This charming little plot feeds a family of 4 for the summer at This Old House.

Goes to show us we don't need a lot of space. I'm adding this photo to my wish list. I have to build slightly taller fence or share with the deer. I don't mind sharing, but the deer will pull tomatoes off the vine and drop them on the ground.  I do so love the English flair of this little garden spot.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogger Blues, Done me wrong song.

I got the blogggggggggerrrrr blllllllllllllueeeeeeeeeeees …………I cannot find the solution. I can’t acknowledge when someone post to my blog and I cannot make comments on other blogs…………..grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coop de Acres continues

The chicks are growing so fast. I let them out of the hutch at this size for a couple hours every day. They are learning to get back in the hutch for chick starter after a  morning exercise of chasing bugs.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Root Beer Floats

Oh. Oh I was so excited reading Two Men and a Farm blog about the Passion Fruit he has on his farm. I tried so hard to post to his post, but again I cannot get this to work............don't know what I am doing wrong...oh oh sorry for the digress, but I wanted to share with him about Passion Fruit. A drink formerly called  sarsaparilla;  it is Root Beer. Here is a link to a fun recipe using Passion Fruit.,es/rio-style-ginger-beer-floats

Some times I feel like…………

Some times I feel like this spike, he is not prefect, and surely will be in someone’s sight next season. I have tried to respond on blogs and my post does not appear, and now I wish to respond to a post on my on blog, and it will not publish……..GGGGGGGrrrrrrrrr, something is set up wrong. 

I will keep plowing away at reading, and trying to make this work, and hopefully, this spike can hide out next season as he did this season in my yard.