Friday, October 12, 2012

I found what I was looking for.

My kitchen is huge as cabinet space goes, but it lacks a lot of room for a kitchen table. It does have an island seating area. But I have been on the look out for a table that would work. There are a lot on the market for sale, but over expensive and I am frugal.

I went to a second hand store I had never been before and there it sat, all alone in the corner. It probably came out of a restaurant or pub, but it was perfect for me. I really like the pedestal. It needs some cleaning and re-paint, but it has character

I was so excited about my find then I looked at a distance and I saw something wicker. I just love wicker, so  began pulling things off, they had stuff stacked on top of each other way beyond staging. And I saw a wicker sewing box stand. Cool, I have seen those on ebay for well over a 100 dollars. They wanted 20. for it and I said I will take it.

A few days ago I was walking along the yard line and my thicket line and I saw glass sheet. I picked it up and wiped the dirt away and behold someone had thrown out a glass checkerboard. I was not going to leave the glass for me later to cut a tractor tire or worse yet, a wildlife cut and bleed to death for no purpose.

After getting home with my sewing basket stand and doing some research on glass checkerboards.  I am working on re-purpose of the stand: SHOT GLASS CHECKERS. I am painting it white as it was a pale yellow. but I could not wait to take a photo and show off my plans.
My sewing box will be my new game table in my living room along with my old rocker and a another wicker find.
This rocker is over 80 years old. It does need some repair, but I am so afraid to leave it with someone and it become lost or damage beyond repair. This rocker is so comfortable. It is better than a recliner.

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