Monday, October 8, 2012


 I have these mirrors-they were shiny silver. I am trying very hard to not have shiny. I am using bronze, or rusty rust wherever I can. I altered the mirrors. Now to fix those shades???

Yeah, the gas people finally got over here and hooked the stove up. Now, I am cooking for Thanks giving. My son is bringing his girlfriend. It will be our first meeting. I hope I don't burn the dinner!!!
I manage to rebuild the media center for a modern television set. I cut out the dry wall at the bottom and inserted an area to hold 2 foot stool storage pieces. When the television is attached the old open space will  not be visible and the only thing showing will be the wide boards.

Next week I start the floors.


  1. Busy busy! Can I hire you to do work at my house? Everything looks great!

  2. I try to stay busy; it is good for the mind(soul). I used to be good at carpenter skills, now I am just okay. But I am saving a ton doing the work myself, that is, what I can. I have a rule of thumb, I never pay someone to do a job more than I make myself. If someone else is going to charge me too much, I am going to seek my own knowledge to get r done!