Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Table- New Life

                                                   I bought this table back in 2004ish.
It is sitting with the table legs backwards at the moment. It is scuffed up. It has been to Louisiana and back to Texas and still has some life left. Did I mention that I bought it at a community thrift store for 29.95. It was scuffed then too. I threw a table cloth over it and no one new any different that is was a thrift find.
 It is time to give it a perk.....................and here we go.
                  Using the same product from Rust-Oleum in furniture refinishing this is the base coat.

                I have several pieces of furniture and If I refinish them the same , then there is consistency.
                                                    And here a better close-up of the top.


  1. I was thrilled with the outcome. I 'm really trying to re-use all my old stuff to save some money. I got my eye on a really nice sofa.